OrganisationAL STRUCTURE

The foundation has two main bodies – the Board of Trustees and the Management Board. Their activities are governed by the foundation’s Statutes. Members of these bodies work on a voluntary basis and commit to exercise


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the foundation’s supervisory body. It oversees and supports the Management Board in its work and makes fundamental strategic decisions, which the Management Board implements. In particular, the Board of Trustees oversees the allocation of the foundation’s resources and reviews whether the foundation’s purpose is being fulfilled. It also verifies and approves the budget and annual accounts.


their duties with integrity and responsibility and on the basis of sound information.The Statutes do not permit simultaneous membership of both bodies.


Management Board

The Management Board is jointly responsible for the management of the foundation. In particular, it is responsible for managing the foundation’s assets and steering the project activities. The duties of the Board are governed by the foundation’s Statutes, Board rules and the resolutions of the Board of Trustees.
The Board comprises a minimum of three and maximum of five members. Three members of the Board are nominated by BMU (2) and KfW (1). The members nominated need not necessarily belong to those institutions. In dealings with third parties and in legal proceedings the foundation is represented jointly by at least two members of the Board.



Mr Franzjosef Schafhausen

Ms Silke Karcher

Ms Charlotte Streck 

Ms Petra Opitz

Mr Hansjoachim Ziesing

Mr Thomas P. Forth, Federal Ministry for the Environment (Chair)

Ms Malin Ahlberg, Federal Ministry for the Environment (Deputy Chair)

Mr Matthias Börner, KfW (Chief Financial Officer)