5 April 2022
Expanding its work on nature-based solutions (NbS), the Foundation has published a second study titled "Fit-for-Future Nature-based Solutions". The document has been authored by TREES and focuses on (i) the impact potential in terms of carbon and co-benefits, (ii) success criteria that help making NbS fit-for-future and (iii) carbon quantification methodologies. The document is accompanied by a spreadsheet listing currently available quantification methodologies across major carbon standards, serving as orientation to involved stakeholders such as carbon developers, project sponsors, host countries, donors, etc.

17 January 2022
Through its cooperation with the Thai Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO) on a results-based finance mechanism rewarding climate change mitigation projects under the national Low Carbon City Programme (LCCP) as well as selected projects by private entities, the Foundation has co-funded the LCCP Learning Centre in the Province of Lopburi. The Learning Centre, which was officially opened on 17 January 2022, aims at increasing awareness of LCCP city and municipality representatives on climate change (see pictures from the opening ceremony and further information here in Thai language at TGO's website).

19 October 2021
As part of its work related to Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in carbon markets, the Foundation has published  a Technical Guidance Note that summarizes the potential responsibilities and tasks of a supervisory body under the UNFCCC as related to NbS. The Note aims to inform the forthcoming negotiations and spur discussions under the Glasgow Climate Change Conference. The elaboration of the document has been commissioned to TREES consulting and has benefited from the review by a series of experts.

19 May 2021
The Foundation has initiated and sponsored a study exploring Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in Carbon Markets. The document has been prepared by TREES in collaboration with Gold Standard and aims to highlight the role that carbon markets can play in scaling the use of NbS to achieve the Paris Agreement, as well as to spur further market developments including regulative requirements.

19 March 2020
The Foundation has co-sponsored a study on the Assessment of gender benefits and sustainability outcomes of improved cook stoves in rural Africa. The study has been commissioned by C-Quest Capital, one of the Foundation's project partners, and carried out by Berkeley Air Monitoring Group. See the fact sheet on the main outcomes and the study for more information.

5 November 2019
The Foundation publishes evaluation report. A consortium led by Perspectives Climate Group GmbH carried out the evaluation of the activities of the Foundation Future of the Carbon Market. 
Please note that the Foundation has blackened or excluded certain text in the report due to confidentiality obligations towards its project partners. The Foundation also recognizes that certain information concerning the actual status of the supported programmes might have changed since the date of report compilation.
Download the report here.

28 July 2018
Foundation supported the development of Standardized Baseline Studies for efficient charcoal production in West-Africa (Senegal and Ivory Coast). These studies shall facilitate the calculation of emission reductions and the establishment of additionality for relevant mitigation projects and programmes as well as the development of other mechansims like NAMAs in the countries.
Download the short version of the final report here.

10 Mai 2017
Foundation takes decision to not support CDM PoAs any longer. 
Download further information here.

24 February, 2017
First transfer of emission reductions to the Foundation carried out.

The Foundation is proud to communicate that it has reached an important operational milestone: A first tranche of emission reductions from its PoA portfolio has been transferred to the Foundation on 7 February 2017 through a voluntary cancellation carried out in cooperation with the project owner and the UNFCCC in line with the Foundation’s objectives.


January, 2017

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting takes over the management of all operational and administrative support of the Foundation

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) has been awarded with the management support of the Foundation following a competitive bidding process. Since the beginning of 2017, KPC carries out under direction of the Board of the Foundation all operational and administrative activities required for meeting the Foundation’s objectives. KPC draws on its know-how and expertise with the management of the Austrian carbon purchasing programme, climate finance and consulting in the field of development aid. 


06 July 2015
Request for Proposals 2015

The Foundation Future of the Carbon Market has initiated its 3rd Request for Proposals for funding activities. Participants are requested to submit funding applications in line with the funding purpose of the Foundation to provide “Start-up finance for programmatic emission reduction projects under the Kyoto Protocol (Programmes of Activities, PoAs), as well as comparable programmatic mechanisms”.


17 December 2014
Foundation Future of the Carbon Market initiates funding activities

The Foundation Future of the Carbon Market has started its first investment activities in 2014. Two programmes in Africa received first tranches of start-up funding. One of the supported programmes promotes the distribution of efficient stoves to farmers in rural villages in Zambia. It caters the needs and potentials of marginalized rural populations by providing a cost effective technology which is mainly constructed by the users themselves out of locally available materials. The remaining investments for metal parts and project management are financed via carbon revenues. The second programme promotes


11 June 2014
Press Release: Strong interest in international climate projects

Please use the following link to open the press release of the Foundation on the outcome of the recently concluded call for proposals for support projects


26 February 2014
Call for Proposals 2014: Updated Funding Criteria

The Foundation has concluded the selection process for first support initiatives. Details on the supported projects will soon be communicated in the project section of the Foundation’s website
In its first funding round, the Foundation has exclusively focussed on CDM Programmes of Activities (PoAs). PoAs will remain in the centre of focus, but going forward the Foundation is widening its funding criteria to also allow for support of market based programmatic mitigation approaches beyond the CDM. A new call for proposals is launched in February 2014 which contains details on the funding

22 November 2013
MoU for the Development of a Standardized Baseline in Senegal signed

MoU signing with the UNFCCC


26 August 2013
Selection process in the first funding round

The Foundation "Future of the Carbon Market" is currently concerned with the decision on first funding projects. A selection of applicants is being considered in the final stage of assessment. In the first funding round the Foundation focuses on technologies which bring particular benefits at the house hold level, such as efficient cook stoves or water purification technologies. The Foundation invites further interesting project proposals in line with the funding guidelines for future


5 June 2013
PoA Information and Assistance Platform

KfW together with South Pole Carbon and Perspectives Climate Change have launched a web based support tool for CDM Programmes of Activities (PoAs). The PoA Information and Assistance Platform provides consolidated information and active assistance to developers and


3 June 2013
UNFCCC competition winner South Africa publishes PoA booklet

We are pleased to announce that the Designated National Authority (DNA) of South Africa has published a CDM sector booklet on Programmes of activities (PoA).
South Africa was one of the winners of the DNA competition on ‘How to promote PoA in their country’, organized by UNFCCC in 2012, which rewarded outstanding concepts for CDM communication strategies. DNAs are the official national authorities for all CDM related matters and thus a corner stone of national carbon trading strategies. 



23 January 2013
The Foundation „Future of the Carbon Markets“ welcomes project proposals
The Foundation “Future of the Carbon Markets” was established in December 2011 with the aim to demonstrate that programmatic CDM projects can help raising climate protection investments above the economic viability threshold within the market conditions of the host country and thus to encourage private investment in developing countries. It provides start up finance to selected Programmes of Activities which have high potential to provide best practice examples for the fulfilment of the funding criteria of the Foundation.
The Foundation has recently mandated KfW as agent for the implementation of the funding purpose and it now welcomes project proposals. Project developers are invited to submit funding requests for activities which comply with the funding criteria. All details and documents for submissions can be found on the web site www.carbonmarket-foundation.org.
Funding under the Foundation will be given to a limited number of selected programmatic CDM activities. The number of supported programmes will be in the range of two per annum.


21 January 2013
UNFCCC competition on communication on CDM

As part of its consulting activity for PoA host countries and in order to enhance awareness about CDM, the Foundation Future of the Carbon Market supported the competition among national CDM authorities organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2012. The competition on ‘How to promote PoA in their country’ targeted a better communication on CDM.




A total amount of 42,994 CERs from the PoA Efficient Cook Stoves in Zambia has been cancelled on behalf of the Foundation. The official attestation as issued by the UNFCCC can be found here.



Wolfgang Diernhofer:  w.diernhofer@kommunalkredit.at

Benjamin Englert:        b.englert@kommunalkredit.at


Funding activities will be assessed in accordance with the criteria specified in the Funding Guidelines of the Foundation. Further criteria which are specific to the 3rd Request for Proposals are specified in the text of the request which can be viewed under the following link.

DOWNLOAD Request for Proposals


fuel switch from charcoal to wood chips for cooking in urban areas of Senegal. The wood chips are used in highly efficient stoves which are based on a gasification technology. More than just the efficiency gain, the programme leads to a switch from non-renewable biomass sources to biomass from sustainably managed forest plantations and thus avoids deforestation.
More information on the supported programmes can be found here: 



DOWNLOAD Press Release


requirements (see downloa
d link below). The current strategic priorities of the Foundation, in particular for the support of non CDM initiatives, are on the one hand to provide inputs for the design of carbon market approaches within the framework of international climate negotiations and on the other hand to support project host countries in the implementation of ambitious and efficient emission mitigation policies.

Further information is available in the funding section of the website
www.carbonmarket-foundation.org/funding, which also contains an updated version of the funding criteria.

DOWNLOAD Call For Proposals



Last wednesday, 20th November 2013, at COP19 in Warsaw the management board of the Foundation "Future of the Carbon Market" and the UNFCCC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development of a standardized baseline for efficient charcoal production in Senegal.

Seated, from left: Matthias Börner, KfW (Member of the Foundation), John Kilani, Director UNFCCC (Sustainable Development Mechanism), Thomas Forth, BMU (Member of the Foundation) 
Standing, from left: Luca Brusa, Conor Barry, Christina Irven (Employees of the UNFCCC)



funding rounds. There is no deadline for submission as the Foundation continuously decides on new project opportunities. However, the number of supported projects per year is limited.

Further information and application forms can be accessed on our website:



implementers of PoAs and it features a series of webinars on crucial issues of PoA development and management.

Please visit:


For the development of communication material the Foundation Future of the Carbon Market granted a price money of EUR 10,000 to the winning countries of the DNA competition. The PoA booklet by the South African DNA is one of the projects that are supported with the price money. 

Click here to see the booklet or here to get to know more about the DNA of South Africa.




The selection of activities follows the defined funding criteria which can be reviewed on the Foundation home page. An issue of central concern for the Foundation is to reach previously untapped emission reduction potentials. This can be of geographical nature by supporting the equitable distribution of CDM in poor regions, but it can also imply the implementation of innovative technology solutions or the integration of previously neglected parts of the society.
In consideration of the many uncertainties in the carbon market to date, the Foundation also aims to support activities which show ground-breaking approaches for the design of new instruments for climate finance and thus deliver best practice examples for the future design of the carbon market.
Any activity which applies for funding under the Foundation has to show a high potential to generate long-term sustainable emission reductions.


The countries Ivory Coast, Senegal, South Africa and Spain got rewarded for their outstanding concepts for communication strategies. The Foundation Future of the Carbon Market grants Euro 10,000 to the three developing nations among the winners for the preparation of communication material.