Funding guidelines

Based on its funding guidelines, the Management Board decides on how to allocate the funds available to the Foundation. The guidelines are part of the Board Rules and are also useful for potential applicants to check whether their programme is eligible for funding. Since the focus of the Foundation’s funding activities is start-up financing for programmes, the funding guidelines prioritise this particular purpose of the Foundation.
  • are in an advanced state of planning and preparation,
  • are carried out in Least Developed Countries or provide strong contributions to the sustainable development of underprivileged parts of the population and populations which are particularly vulnerable to climate change,
  • are integrated into the host country’s national climate policy,
  • provide valuable inputs for the development and conceptual design of new carbon market mechanisms
  • have a competent programme managing entity,
  • show evidence of being economically viable,
  • are replicable, and
  • have the potential to improve the living and working conditions of women in the host country and generally contribute to sustainable development.

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