The Foundation Future of the Carbon Market focuses on the support of market based programmatic emission mitigation approaches in developing countries. This includes in particular Programmes of Activities (PoA), but also initiatives which are developed outside the framework given by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, can be eligible for funding, if they are aligned with the funding criteria.
Based on the belief that the principle underlying programmatic mitigation approaches is also of strategic importance for future mechanisms of international climate finance, the Foundation would like to fund measures that:
  • support the dissemination of the programmatic project approach;
  • use the market to exploit further emission reduction potentials;
  • acquire knowledge and experience that might be valuable for future carbon market mechanisms and enhance the ability of countries hosting the PoAs to develop more far-reaching climate policies.
Please note that the Foundation has internally discussed the further funding of CDM activities in the aftermath of COP21 and has decided to not further engage in the provision of funding for these activities (see the CDM Moratorium).
The individual funding areas are described here.
Funding criteria can be found here.

Full details on how to apply can be downloaded here.

The Foundation has decided to not support CDM PoAs any longer (10 May, 2017).
Further information can be found here.